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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Qubool Hain - Tussle between Asad and Rashid does not end

The serial is now continuing on the same story for quite some time. The story of the burned and murdered body in the factory, and its hold on Rashid remains the story. His arrest due to the complaint by Asad was shocking to everyone, and also the cause of a huge row between Asad and Ayyan; with Asad refusing to back off and Ayyan telling Asad that he is doing this since he believes that he is a step-brother. They are now somewhat on opposite grounds.
Ayyan tried his best to get his father off from the case, and then suddenly comes the news that the court has not found any evidence against Rashid and he is let go from the case. It comes to be known that this was because the policeman in the case was paid off with an amount of Rs. 1 crore to twist the facts, and this amount was obtained by Ayyan from Razia by finally deciding to agree to marry Humeira. Ayyan was not very happy, but he agreed since he had promised his mother that he will get Rashid off from jail.
In the house, the equations are very clear between Badibi and Razia, that both of them would try to fight against each other and do whatever to ensure that they come out victorious. So far, except for a few small cases, Razia has come out the winner in every case, with most things turning out the way that she would like. However, now Badibi seems to be moving a few things her own way, first having caused Razia to eat some spice laden food, and then causing her to fall from the stairs due to oil having been put on the stairs.
One of the biggest surprises in the serial was the case of Tanveer. Her arrival coincided with the case of Razia having put an agent called Billo Rani into the Asad household in order to get a doll that had a recorded conversation of what had actually happened in the doll factory so many years ago. It was suspected that this was the maid, but it turned out to be the family fried Tanveer who was being paid by Razia to do all this and to get the doll back from their house. She finally does, but the conversation between Razia and Tanveer was never pleasant, and then in a later conversation, when Tanveer tried extorting some money from Razia, she was badly humiliated by Razia.
This makes Tanveer very angry and she decides to get her revenge, and a part of this would be by marring Asad and ensuring that she also becomes rich. This is now her game plan, but there is also Zoya also in the way, with both Zoya and Asad seemingly falling in love with each other. And then there is the issue about finding the lost father of Zoya.

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