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Friday, March 15, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Onir accuses Mittal of organ stealing and he accuses Onir of baby swapping

The serial is getting more complicated, and you must be starting to wonder whether all this would happen with a regular family ? Would a regular family have somebody involved with somebody who does organ-trafficking, would there be cases of a son shooting his long-lost mother, and numerous other such issues. Would a mother willingly give her child to another mother, without the other mother knowing, so that the other mother can get over the loss of her own child ? All these keep on happening in the serial, making it one of the most unrealistic serials on TV today, and the name of the serial 'Pavitra Rishta' (which means a holy relationship) is something as unrealistic today as possible.
So what all is happening in the serial ? Manav is not very hopeful about Soham having turned to a new leaf, and so soon after Soham comes out of jail (how come he manages to get such a short sentence after kidnapping and attempted murder?), he shoots Archana. And since the actress playing Archana needs some time off to be with her boyfriend (whose recently released movie did fairly well), getting into a coma after the shooting is a convenient way to avoid being active in the serial for some time. So Soham is now back in jail, and Varsha is out of the jail, but cannot get the forgiveness of her mother for what she had done, for taking Soham away from Archana for such a long period of time.
One of the son-in-law's (Arjun) of the house has 2 of the daughters of the house pregnant with his child, another son-in-law (Mittal) runs an organ racket and is the least bit repentant on doing something like this, is wondering how to prevent people from finding out about this. Another son-in-law of the family (Dr. Onir) is a god in terms of being good, having taken in a pregnant lady as his wife, forgiving an organ trading doctor instead of reporting him to the police as he should have (to prevent the doctor and his supporters from other such actions in the future), and so on. Finally he persuades Purvi to donate her new born child to Ovi after Ovi's child died, and without telling Ovi. And so when Purvi misses her child, you will know that more people will learn about this donation and start causing more trouble for Purvi.
When finally a confrontation happens between Dr. Onir and Dr. Mittal, Onir accuses Mittal of being behind the organ trafficking racket, and Mittal replies back that Dr. Onir is actually responsible for trafficking of babies, since he has the video evidence of the baby transfer between Purvi and Ovi. What happens next ?

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