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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Coming back into the serial of Ashwin, more trouble for Ram

Now finally the trends are emerging that this is a Ekta Kapoor serial. Typical signs are short periods of happiness followed by long periods of trouble and time leaps for no major reason. There are already news that the serial Bade Achhe Lagte Hain will go through a time leap, that too of 20 years, and the serial is showing more trouble in the life of all concerned.
First, the business that Ram had started in Jaipur all collapsed in the space of a few hours, when rain destroyed all his production which was kept in the open, and they lost everything that they had. It took some effort on the part of Priya to ensure that Ram did not become totally depressed at whatever had happened; and it took some more effort on the past of Vikram and Neha to ensure that they managed to get Ram and Priya back to Mumbai with an attempt to get them back to a normal life.
For more trouble, Ayesha took on a total dictatorial nature, and after the collapse of a business deal that she blamed on Soumya and the elders in the house, she kicked everybody out of the house. After some period of trouble, they finally went and stayed in Natasha's house, even though it was essentially the house of their inlaws of their daughter, something that was not easy for them to accept.
So the way that the serial is now behaving is: If they show any signs of happiness or that they are entering a positive part of life, the makers of the serial ensure that this period of happiness is not going to last and some new trouble will be on them.
When Ram and Priya came back to Mumbai, they finally met up with their family and got to learn that Ayesha had kicked them all out of the house; Ram was furious. He went and spoke to Ayesha, told her that the house belonged to all of them, that it was not only Ayesha's house; and the most dangerous to Ayesha, he told her that even though he had given all of his property to Ayesha, he could take it all back; and that if Ayesha went on this track, she would regret everything that she had done. Ayesha was totally scared at this, after all, she had already burned her bridges with everybody, and spoke to Sid who told her to make sure that she showed some care for Ram's family and also to her son. So Ayesha started showing more concern for her son.
However, when Ram and Priya were looking for a job, both of them finally landed up at the same place and to their happiness, got a job in the same place. But when they finally landed there, their happiness was short-lived. The boss of the place was Ashwin, who was once in love with Priya, and whom both Ram and Priya had kicked out. It is now his turn to cause a huge amount of trouble to both of them, something that he has already started doing.

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