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Friday, March 22, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Parvathi forgets everything, Mahadev not able to do anything

There are many aspects of the life of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi in terms of mythology that is not known to a large number of viewers, and the serial is doing its bit to ensure that people learn about this. For example, the episode that they are currently showing is about how Devi Parvathi lost her memory from the time she met Mahadev, forgot about their marriage, forgot about their children, and came back to live with her parents.
So, Parvathi tells Mahadev that she will forget her memory unless Lord Shiva gets her a gajra as per her specifications, and Lord Shiva goes to get that. However, on the way back, he meets Indra (Lord Indra is almost seen as a villain in the serial, since he seems to be teeming with insecurities, and does numerous activities during these insecurities, actions that are seen as certainly not something that you would expect the kind of gods to do). Indra displeases Mahadev and actually attacks him, and at this Lord Shiva opens his third eye and releases a ball of flame that goes after Indra. At this Indra realizes that he is in deep trouble again with Mahadev, and begs for his forgiveness. His guru, the Dev Guru, Brihaspati also asks for forgiveness, and though Mahadev condemns Indra, telling him that he cannot keep on forgiving Indra everytime he does something like this, he will do it one last time.
However, the problem is that the ball of fire is already out there, and since it is not going after its target, it has to be disposed of. If it remains on the earth, it will end up destroying a lot of nature, and so Lord Shiva sends it to the seas to cool off. However, in the sea, it creates a fetus that will be the source of a lot of trouble later.
On the other hand, due to this battle, the gajra that Mahadev had created got destroyed, and when he met Parvathi, he realized that the gajra has got destroyed. She tells him that he could not get her the gajra, and there goes her memory.
In her parents house, they are remembering their daughters when Parvathi walks in, and they are shocked, She has come in without any notice, there is no sign of Mahadev, and she is wearing the clothes of an unmarried lady, and when they talked to her, she seemed to have forgotten everything. They plead to Vishnu, who emerges there and tells them that he cannot do anything, it is only Mahadev and her family who can make her bring her memory back.
Ganesh is badly missing his brother and goes to get her back; he reaches there and initially thinks that she has recognized him, but is shocked when he realizes that she has does not remember him. He does not directly remind her, but tells her things in a round about manner, hoping that she would remember, but she does not, and he comes back in despair after taking her blessings.

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