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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Saraswatichandra - New serial on Star Plus

Saraswatichandra is a new serial that has recently started on Star Plus (coming in after a lot of publicity - having been created by the ace film-maker Sanjay Leela Bhansali). The serial has just recently started on 25th February 2013, and stars the main characters of Gautam Rode and Jennifer Winglet as the main characters of the serial. 
The serial showcases the main character of Saraswatichandra as a person who has been raised by his father and a step-mother (and a step-mother who is shown as behaving in the characteristic of how step-mothers believe, being conniving). However, Saraswatichandra has still grown up to be an intelligent and compassionate person, but one who has less interest in relations. As a result, when his father tries to setup a marriage alliance for him with the daughter of an old family friend Vidyachatur, Saraswatichandra refuses, and refuses after the alliance had been set by his father.
Vidyachatur's daughter Kumud was very angry after the refusal of this proposal, since she got to see the rejection, but her father does not know about this refusal. She tells Saraswatichandra that he needs to come to their house in person to make the refusal, in front of her family. She remains angry with him when he lands there, since she believes that he is very arrogant. So, as a result, she also treats him angrily most of the time, which also causes him to also be angry.
However, before he can leave, there is a fire in the family factory, and Vidyachatur is trapped inside, and Saraswatichandra is the one who goes inside the burning factory and rescues him, which makes the family even more grateful towards him (and since most of them do not know that he has refused the proposal for Kumud, they continue to treat him with respect as the future son-in-law of the house). 
Saraswatichandra hears some description of Kumud towards him, which is not complimentary, and decides to leave right away. He packs his bag, while Kumud is shocked since she is concerned that her father is not yet in a good state of health and this decision to leave would cause him problems. However, she finds out that Saraswatichandra talks to her father, asking him whether Saraswatichandra is arrogant and then tells him that he has packed his bags since he wants to move into the room of Vidyachehatur while he is recovering from his medical issues.

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