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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Finally Bhavan is given to Ravan, and preparations for the wedding

For some time now, the serial has been gathering more and more praise, for the way that story moves, for the depiction by the actors, and by the excellent music that plays through the serial. The serial keeps on also not only focusing on the mythology, but also on educating people about their rights and responsibilities, and in a fairly modern way rather than try to use older standards about roles.
So, the story focuses on 2 parts - one story focuses on the effort by Dashanan to build a grand house for his lord (even though the story has made it clear that Mahadev is not really interested in building a house, something that is outside of nature and which might ensure that wild animals and birds leave the place). The rest of the family however sees the need for a house and goddess Parvati has been pushing for a house for some time.
Dashanan was however not getting approval for the same from Mahadev and hence had not got a chance to come to Kailash to start the construction. But in the end, when Karthikeyan and Ganesh met Dashanan, they liked the model that he had made, seemingly a very well designed building. Finally they reach Kailash, but before they can start, there is a need to do a puja for the same, and there Dashanan is pushed to ask for a boon.
To the surprise of all, Ravan asks for the Bhavan as his boon and after some discussion, Parvathi realizes that she was pushing for this too much, and then decides to hand over the Bhavan to Ravan. But when Dashanan asks for Mahadev and his family to also come in the Bhavan, Mahadev tells him that he had only asked for the Bhavan and not for the family. So, Ravan realizes that his choice was bad, and he has to go back with the house but without Mahadev. He finally realizes that it was not to be, that Mahadev can only live in Kailash or in the shamsham, even though he did know the importance of bhasm.
And then preparations have started for the marriage of Ashok Sundari, with the rituals not being drawn out as they would be in other serials. In a couple of episodes, the serial will show the marriage and also show the presence of asurs trying to kill her husband, since her husband is slated to murder one of them.

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