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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Ache Lagte Hain - Ram loses everything due to weather

Trust a hindi serial to keep on showing pain and adversity. In the space of 2 episodes, the serial has showed everybody in the family suffering, including even Ayesha, who got everything as a present from Ram.
The family business was running into some problems, and Mamaji was trying to identify some investors for the company, and came across a foreign couple in a restaurant who were looking to identify a family run business where the owners of the family had traditional Indian family values. Now, even though Ayesha did not have any such values, the chance to get such support from rich investors is something that everybody would like, and they get invited to dinner at home. This was something very surprising to the family members, since Ayesha had not shown any such regard, but they sit when Ayesha asks them to sit. However, Saumya is getting very irritated at the nonsense that Ayesha is speaking and finally speaks up, talking to Ayesha in a mixture of English and Hindi; this ensures that the foreign investors learn that things are not what they were thinking about, and the male guest also reveals that he knows a bit of Hindi and their conclusion is that this is not a family in which the elders are respected, and they walk out. Ayesha is very angry at this, and when she learns that the deal is not going to happen because of the fight at the dinner, she tells Saumya and the rest of the family that they need to leave. She gets the servants to pack up the stuff in the house belonging to everybody else and kick them out.
They are outside and not sure where to go, and in the meantime Natasha has phoned up the house and learnt about what has gone in the house (after speaking to a servant); so when they are trying to figure out where to go, Natasha turns up and then badly scolds Saumya about not getting in touch with her and takes them to her house over their objections. At the house, they are made welcome, and any objections they had are overcome, but they do not want to inform Ram about their problems since everybody tells them that Ram will drop everything and come here stopping his work.
On the other hand, Ram is running into some serious issues. He had got a good order, but where he was getting a tight deadline of 1 month to deliver, he was informed that the deadline was actually a week. He manages to convince his workers to do the work, by also promising them benefits from the deal, and is overall very enthused about the deal and what it means for the future. However, on the night before the delivery, the produced items were kept outside and it rained, which means the entire consignment got spoiled and he was ruined. He is very shocked, although Priya kept his hopes up. And then Vikram and Neha arrive there, ready to take him back to Bombay.

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