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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - More trouble for Aditya and Pankhuri

Seems very strange to see a good serial suddenly start turning into unending tragedy. And this is what is happening with the serial, with maybe the urge to keep the story of the serial extending on and on ensuring that the serial seems stretched now. Initially the serial used to move fast, with the storyline moving fast, and now the serial seems to be stretching the same story till its gets boring. In the serial as well, right now, it seems that we can easily change the channel and not miss the story, with sequences getting repeated again and again.
The serial right is focusing on the concept that real happiness can only come with some sorrow, that everything has to be matched. If a family finds happiness, that can only be short term, and that audiences are only attracted when the serial starts showing pain and sorrow. And so it is happening in the serial. When Avantika and Harish are coming together after so many years of separation, and when Aditya and Pankhuri are also getting close to each other, they are going through a lot of problems in the monetary and business sense.
The trio of Anuj, Sheela and Rubel, when combined with the additional power of Latika are up to more and more issues so that they can keep on getting Avantika and Aditya in more trouble and get everything back. Sheela believes that she is the true owner of everything, and that if Avantika has anything, then it rightfully belongs to Sheela. And for some reason, Avantika has sat back and let all this happen to her (which is such a wrong message to give to viewers - the Gita says that you should not let wrong happen, and here Avantika keeps on letting wrong happen to them). The character of Nanaji can see everything that is happening, and what does he do - he believes that since Sheela and Rubel will not stop, it would be easier for Aditya to move away from there so that he does not get hurt with all this that is happening. This is a perfectly wrong message to give to viewers - but so many serials show something similar happening.
In the current case, they are starting to suffer for money. Harish's account is badly depleted because of the money spent on the illness, they money is in the family business that they have voluntary handed over to Anuj, and now Avantika wants to hand over everything else to Sheela as well. The fundamental concept of having responsibility for what you are doing is gone - they were running the business and responsible to their customers and their employees, and could not care as to what would happen to these people when the running of the company is handed over to such irresponsible people such as Anuj and Rubel.
Now, when Rubel was having a party in the house, Avantika came there and confronted him, and slapped him when he went beyond a limit, and now Rubel badly wants revenge, his ego cannot take this.

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