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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - Aditya leaves the house after Nanaji asks him to go

The serial is going through a strange set of circumstances. Sheela is so focused on getting everything with herself that she is willing to do whatever is required to push everybody else out of the house. They played upon Avantika's mood for ensuring that the family is reconciled, and ended up passing over all powers to Anuj; including the power of attorney and the right to take all decisions. However, this is not enough for Sheela, since she wants to ensure that Avantika is pushed out of the house and Sheela has exclusive rights of the house.
Anuj learns that the house is willed to the wives of Aditya and Rubel, and she is not happy enough with this; she wants to ensure that the entire house is handed over to Rubel, and for that, she is even willing to try and break the marriage of Aditya and Pankhuri. So, when Aditya and Pankhuri start their drama of acting like they are fighting (and blaming the bad condition of  the marriage of Avantika and Harish), Sheela is very happy since she believes that she can leverage on this condition and finally get them separated. However, she is very distressed when she learns that both Aditya and Pankhuri were just doing a drama and they called off the drama after the party (where Harish was hospitalized, and then finally Avantika learned about the medical illness, and about how Harish had not moved on, just did not want to tell her about this condition which could have ended his life in a short time).
However, things get more problematic. Sheela is trying to figure out more plans for how to get them all out of the house so that she can take control of the house. She starts another master plan, and this one is one where she also needs the cooperation of Latika as well. The plan is to happen in the party where Avantika is doing all the cooking, with the party happening in Harish's house. During the middle of some games, Latika moves out of the area and then Aditya gets a call. The reception is not clear and he moves to another room to take the call, and also closes the door because of the noise in the party.
Then everybody hears a scream, and Rubel rushes in and sees Latika on the bed and Aditya in the room and accuses Aditya of making designs on his fiancee, since Aditya has never forgotten her. This discussion and argument continues on in Diwan mansion, where Rubel says that he will break the marriage since he cannot trust when both Aditya and Latika are in the same house. He says that he wants Nanaji to take a decision on this one, and then Nanaki takes a most surprising decision. Probably since Nanaji knows the true nature of both Sheela and Rubel, he tells Aditya that he should leave for his dad's house and not stay here anymore.
Aditya is shocked and cannot understand what is happening, and how can his Nana suddenly call this house not his house any more. In his anger, he tells Pankhuri to quickly pack so that they can leave immediately, and when Pretti mousi tries to object, he does not listen.

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