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Friday, March 8, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - More twists in the serial with Mohit and Emily

The serial is planning to take its viewers through more twists and turns; now, even though they do show most of the conservative elements of Indian society in some way, the serial does show changes brought forward in this society due to education, and due to sheer persistence. The serial has been criticized in some aspects because of the sheer conservatism of the family and the reluctance of the educated daughter-in-law of the family to significantly object to some of these customs - instead she does oppose them but not in a direct way; instead the show shows her trying to use slow processes, but based on logic and reasoning to make these changes, backed solidly by her husband (one wonders how this would have turned out if the husband, Suraj, had not been supportive of these changes but had instead been as conservative as anybody else).
After the expose of the Swami, Sandhya gains more respect due to the logic and reasoning she used to expose the Swami and his plans of usurping land by building a mall in the region. The expose of the miracles done by the Swami meant that people understood how those miracles were happening and also ensured that the trouble that her family was going through finally disappeared, and that her family was able to hold up its head in society again (there was a time when the efforts by the Swami meant that her family was being exposed to actual physical harm).
Now, one of the byproducts of the effort done by Sandhya was that Bhabho ensured that she would be able to go to college in the day instead of in the evening / night (the family was surprised when a letter announcing her admission in the college came, and even more when it was revealed that it was Bhabho who had caused this to happen). Meenakshi was very surprised since this meant that there was more affection between Bhabho and Sandhya, and the possibility of Bhabho getting angry and kicking Sandhya out of the house had reduced for now (till the time that the serial wants more masala in the serial).
The next major problem in the serial will come to challenge Bhabho's belief in no cross-caste or cross-religion marriage, since she will find that her own son is involved in a relationship with a Christian girl, a shocker for sure. Meenakshi will discover that Mohit is in a relation with Emily, and her nosy nature will lead her to learn that Emily is actually pregnant with Mohit's child, which will be a shocker for Bhabho in more than one way. What will Bhabho do now ? Or will Mohit actually get married to Emily and then present Bhabho with a decision already taken.

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