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Monday, March 4, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Sandhya reveals the truth behind the Swami

The serial keeps on showing the evolution in the life of an educated girl with values who is living in a more conservative household in a conservative society. The pressures in her life, the struggle to try and increase the level of education, to become more progressive is shown in the serial. Sometimes the serial seems to descend to a level where the girl is shown as being down-trodden most of the times, but the character is shown as trying her best to do what she thinks is best, to improve her conditions, and to also ensure that people think in a logical and right way. One of the best examples is when the household of the lady is put under pressure by a religious swami, who accuses the family of stealing the jewels of the goddess and claims that the family will suffer for what they have done, and keeps on applying pressure for the same.
So, the Swami applies pressure on the family, and given that this is a conservative family, everybody immediately comes under pressure. Except for Sandhya, the rest of the family is shocked, and whenever something bad happens (which can happen even in a normal course of events), the incident is blamed on the curse given by the swami. And the Swami gives them very little time for recovering the jewels of the goddess and asks them to return the jewels or face a punishment, and even the neighbors believe all this, and see the miracles brought forward by the Swami, and blame the family.
Sandhya, with the help of Suraj, Chotu, and Chaturi cannot accept that things such as miracles can happen, and decides to investigate as to what has happened, and there is an urgency since there is the potential of very serious trouble hanging on top of their head if the jewels are not recovered. The problem is that the Swami has indeed buried the jewels in their house and they will get in serious trouble.
So Sandhya decides to pay back the Swami in his coin, using science in the guise of faith and miracles, and starts to twist the Swami around. She does some miracles of her own, including getting a coconut to break only when the Swami is holding it in his hand, putting water on the ground for some hours till the jewels automatically rise out of the ground (as if the goddess has produced the jewels in response to her prayers).
She then reveals the truth behind these miracles, that the earth splitting and jewels coming out was because of watering of grain till they absorbed water and arose pushing up the jewels which were on top. Similarly, the crying of the statue of the goddess when Bhabho offered prayers was because of a chemical that was activated by extra heat, and so on.
She also reveals that the Swmi was just a person called Govind who was trying to get a mall constructed, and the reason that he was after their family was because they had got a stay order filed against him in court and this was a way to get them to back down.

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