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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon - Sultan in deep trouble, Madhu's mother scolds her

The current episode ongoing in Madhubala is reflective of the fact that a serial can introduce any number of characters and do any kind of twist in the story. In the current situation, Madhu had been deceived by RK. As a part of his revenge, he plotted to get Madhu to fall in love with him, even though it meant that he provided help to her a number of times during the time period in which this was happening. Once this was done, and just when they were about to get married, he finally told her that this was all false, part of his plan to get revenge. And so he dumped her.
This was a big shock to Madhu, but she was finally getting over this and resuming her life in whatever way. In the case of RK, however, life was not so simple. He was discovering that life without Madhu was not so simple, that he missed her in every aspect of life. Yet, whenever Bittoji or his mother tried to talk to him in that aspect, he would rudely dismiss them and his ego would not let him admit that his previous action was wrong, or that he was in love with Madhu.
Madhu on the other hand was determined to get over RK, and even started working in his shooting area as a hair-dresser and make up specialist; something which was very challenging for RK. He taunted her on a regular basis, and yet when she was getting into some trouble, he was the one who came and defended her when a drunk unit member came and tried to molest her; with RK beating that person and sending him over to the police.
One day while coming back late from the unit, Madhu got into trouble, coming into contact with Sultan and his son. Sultan is a gangster with a young son, a son whom he is trying to become as much emotionally independent as possible. So, any show of fear is not expected from his son, and his son was being chased by some other gangsters. Madhu quickly realizes that she is in the hands of a dangerous man, but he lets her go easily, although develops a fondness for his young son.
RK on the other hand sees that Madhu is getting busy and starts taunting her for becoming involved with another man so soon after her break-up, including once even breaking her phone when she was speaking to Sultan's son during the start of a shooting session. Madhu refuses to tell him anything, but once RK applies force on her and manages to get the situation from her, including the name of Sultan.
On the other hand, Sultan is in trouble since an upstart wants to upstage, staging a plan of kidnapping his son and then shooting Sultan, leaving him wounded. Sultan is brought to near the chawl, although Madhu's mother is very angry at whatever happened and is very afraid about the interaction of her daughter with a gangster.

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