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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - Kokila in trouble over turmoil created by Urmilla

Ever since Gopi got pregnant, Urmilla has been pining away that this would make Gopi much more sought after in the household and ensure that everybody would pay her all the attention. This would make Rashi's position in the household much less secure, and so Urmila tried a number of her tactics to do something like this or the other. However, none of these tactics worked, and overall, what this has resulted in is that Kokila got further confirmation that Urmila was not somebody whom even Rashi should be in touch with because of all the tactics that Urmila was getting involved in.
The problem with Urmila as shown in the serial relates to her doing whatever she feels is right, which most of time does not work out right. For example, whenever she tries to do something that would increase the rights of Rashi, this would involve some form of deceit, or would involved putting down Gopi in some way. Most of the time, she gets caught and in some cases, Rashi gets involved and then gets caught.
For example, the current situation is pretty dangerous. Rashi is also pregnant, which is a very happy time for the entire household. However, Urmila is now worried that unless Rashi has sons (and she has twins), she will not have rights in the household (although one does not know what she has seen in the Modi household to believe something like this). So, her mission now is to find out whether Rashi has sons or not.
This, as most people will know is impossible in India, since it is illegal to determine whether the children in the womb are girls or boys (given that there is a strong tendency among many people, whether poor or rich, to abort their children if they determine that the baby is a girl). Now, Urmila already knows this, but still wants to go ahead with this plan, but offering money would be by implicating Kokila.
So, when Rashi is coming in for a sonography, Urmila gets a note handed over to the nurse, and the nurse is made to believe that Kokila is the one responsible for this; and things get more confusing when the nurse asks for another sonography so as to determine the sex of the babies and that is when the police come in. They have the hospital under surveillance, and catch the nurse. Under pressure, she states that this was being done by Kokila. The police do not believe a word of what Kokila says, and takes her away inspite of their being no direct evidence against Kokila. The alleged crime is a non-bailable crime, and hence it is getting difficult to get her out of this one.
Urmila is looking scared now, but since it is Kokila who is under the police custody, there is no real reason for her to worry; although sooner or later they are going to determine that Kokila was not the one responsible, and maybe Urmila will come under the scanner.

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