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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Ballika Vadhu - Shiv gets a transfer to Udaipur, Anandi furious at Shiv

Even a new marriage can still lead to tension. In this case, the serial is showing that Shiv has got a transfer to Udaipur, and away from Jetsar. Now, a government job is transferable, and in fact, for somebody starting a new government job, especially for a position like a collector or a district magistrate, the job can entail moving from position to position, with the placement at a particular position not being for more than 2-3 years at the most.
Here, Shiv has got a new transfer, to Udaipur and is now wondering as how to tell this to Anandi. Anandi had just recently shared to him about how she wanted to re-start a project that she had which involved earlier, the project of wanting to educate the illiterate elders in the village. Seeing her enthusiasm, and knowing the ties that still bound her to Jetsar and to her earlier family, Shiv was very worried about how to tell her, and kept on delaying the decision.
Unfortunately for him, Anandi learnt about this transfer when Daddu told the rest of the family in a congratulatory way that Shiv had got a transfer to Udaipur (for them, it was a very happy news since they could move back to Udaipur, and away from Jetsar). This was a time when Shiv saw the anger that Anandi could have, since she did remonstrate with him for not telling her, and accusing him of not having faith in her.
Finally Shiv asked Anandi whether she would move with him, or would she want to stay in Jetsar only. This was going to be a tough decision, since for her, it would be a very painful decision. It would mean leaving the family behind and moving to a new place, but at the same time, moving with your husband is a given thing, and it happens all the time. The option of not moving would seem strange, since it would mean almost giving a hard time to the marriage, and nobody would be able to understand this.
They did make up, but the bigger problem was about how to tell this to Jagya's family. There was a different problem over there, trying to fit Ganga somewhere in the family, with Jagya deciding to get training for being a nurse to Ganga, and her child having been given back to her. Her kid was the pleasure of the family now, since there was no other kid in the family (Nandu was a much older kid now), and Dadi Sa was very happy playing with the infant.
Now, Shiv and Anandi with the rest of his family decide to go to Dadi Sa's house and are wondering how to tell her, since for her it will be a painful decision, and from some of the language she speaks, they realize that it will be tough to give her this news, but it will still need to be done.

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