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Thursday, February 25, 2010

12/24 Karol Bagh - the good pair of Simi and Abhi have to continue to suffer

As expected, in any Hindi serial, it is the good people who are always shown as suffering. After all, this is what the viewers also want to see. So, in the case of the Zee serial 12/24 Karol Bagh, it is the good pair of Simi and Abhi who are suffering and out on the road. Simi almost got sucked into a marriage to Nakul when her mother wanted her younger daughter Neetu (already pregnant from her relationship with a driver who is now in jail for theft) to get married to Omi from the rich family, and a condition was that Simi should also get married to Nakul, the elder brother. Getting Omi married was a necessity since he was not totally of sound mind, and it was important that a girl was getting agreed to marry him.
However, at the time of the marriage of Simi, when Neetu and Omi had already got married, Abhi arrives on the scene and declares that Simi was to get married to him. Nakul creates a big scene, beats up Abhi, and almost kills him with a sword but Simi stands in the way. This creates a scene where finally Simi's mother denounces her, and claims that for her, Simi is dead. Her dad however is not happy at this, and there is almost a breakup between Simi's mother and father. In the meantime, Neetu is now married to Omi, and is very unhappy with the relationship and is very rude to most people in her inlaws place.
When Abhi's father, Mr. Taneja arrives back to his house and sees Abhi and Simi there, he turns them out and they have to leave the house. They are now out on the road, and wondering for a place to stay. Her father is frantic in worry, with only Simi's middle sister worried about her fate.

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