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Sunday, February 21, 2010

And the Best Mamma’s Boy Award goes to… depiction of mama's boys from various Hindi Serials

The Indian man for long has been caricatured as the perfect ‘mother’s boy’-dutiful, obedient, respectful and forever toeing his mother’s line. Delve into history, look up all the mythologies, in fact even in popular mass media-the definition of a good person and a good son is synonymous. You cannot be one without being the other. Hindi serials too do their bit to uphold and strengthen this notion. The hero is most often and without fail, the good son to his parents. He is unflinching in his duties. He is loving, caring and values the happiness of his mother over and above everything. Here are a few good examples of Hindi televisions’ good sons.

The first position goes to Shubh of Maat Pitah ki Charno Mein. Brought up by his step mother, he worships the ground that she walks on. Her word is the Gospel truth for him and he is willing to go to any lengths to honour her commitments. So much so that he is willing to stay back with his injured step mother rather than pursue the villain who has kidnapped his wife and whose life is in danger. The questions is-does Shubh’s devotion to his mother negates all his other relationships and responsibilities?

Suryakamal, from Do Hanso Ka Joda comes to mind next. Surprisingly, here too the mother is a step mother. Suryakamal’s deference to this sharp tongued woman makes him come across as a wimp. Where is it written that you have to trade in your sense of self respect in order to show love and respect to you parents? Suryakamal is aware of his mother’s undercurrent of jealousy and hatred that laces her feelings and reactions towards him; but instead of standing up he takes it all with a smile.

Next in line are Raghav and Yoginder, Ammaji’s eldest and youngest sons from Na Ana Is Des Mere Laado. While Yoginder is a partner in crime in all of Ammaji’s evil doings, Raghav goes even a step further to prove his devotion. He marries the woman who has been a thorn in his mother’s life and then makes her a servant girl of the family. In order to avenge his mother (a mother who is evil and diabolical), he jeopardises the life of a young girl, destroying her faith in love and relationships. Where is it written that in order to be a good son, you have to give in to all the unjust demands of your mother?

A mother-son relationship is definitely a bond that is above all else. However the most important relation that one has is the one with our own self, our own conscience. Any act or relationship that puts a question mark over this crucial tie cannot be good for the individual.

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