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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Na aana is des laado - More troubles for Sia and Raghav ?

It seems that Sia and Raghav have to traverse a long distance before their love story can hope to see a logical end. Ammaji’s close brush with death that had been closely averted due to Sia’s timely intervention had helped to open a channel of communication between these two individuals. The love that had lain dormant in Sia’s heart and that Raghav had refused to acknowledge found an outlet courtesy the tragic incident. Raghav grateful to Sia for saving his mother’s life has woken up to his responsibilities as a husband; something that he ignored all these months. He not only went to fetch Sia from the hospital, he started to actually care about her well being.

Just as the viewers were expecting things to turn for the better for the pair of them, Raghav’s past has caught up with him. Sonali, Raghav’s girl friend from London has followed him all the way to Veerpur. Unaware that her boyfriend is now a married man, her sole purpose for coming is to marry Raghav. It seems that they had broken up in London but she realised the depth of her feelings for him after this incident. She is now determined to win him back and settle down with him. Her appearance has put on the brakes for the developing of love and understanding between the lead pair.

Sia is once hurt and does not want to experience the same disappointment all over again. Her thawing emotions seem ready to go back on the ‘freeze’ mode as she is convinced that Raghav will once again betray her faith in him. Raghav on the other hand has a tough task on his hand as now he has to begin afresh. On the one hand he has to convey the message to his ex girlfriend that he has moved on; on the other hand he has to convince Sia that he has developed true feelings for her. Given the fact that none of the ladies concerned are willing to listen to him, Raghav really has his work cut out.

To add to all this is Ammaji’s apparent and instantaneous liking for Sonali. In Sonali she sees a reflection of her own self. Sonali like Ammaji is someone who is head strong, willing to grab whatever she sets her heart on, has a liking for power and both of them like Raghav immensely. Ammaji likes the fact that Sonali is someone who can manage both her property and her home. She is already looking ahead and planning for the wedding. The viewers are rooting for Raghav and Sia but whether Ammaji will let her favourite son fall for her enemy (Sia) remains to be seen.

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