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Monday, February 8, 2010

Bindiya Chastises Vinay for all his pretence! - Bhagyavidhata on Colors

Bindiya speaks out against Vinay for the first time. Bravo girl! It is indeed heartening to see women dismantling the pedestal meant for their husbands to stand on and rule from. For long women have been at the receiving end of unfair often inhuman treatment from men-be it their fathers, brothers, husbands, sons or other near and dear ones. Culturally forbidden to speak out, tutored and socialized from a young age to hold one’s tongue, women have generally not had the words or the voice to say the simple words “Stop it for it is wrong”. But slowly things are changing with more and more women learning to stand up to their male tormentors. Bindiya speaking out against her husband is an example of this act of emancipation.

Married to Vinay at gun point she has been disliked by her husband from day one as she is a constant reminder to him of his own weakness. Resilient and immensely strong, she has born all his acts of hostility with tremendous patience and fortitude. However the past few weeks her husband has shown considerable thaw in his attitude. He has taken care of her, protected her from unsavoury elements, enjoyed a game of badminton with her and even shared a bowl of rice pudding with her. Overjoyed at this change, Bindiya has been sporting a shy smile through out.

The family decides to celebrate Bindiya and Vinay’s first marriage anniversary by throwing a grand party. Much to her delight Vinay agrees readily and even buys her a beautiful saree. A happy and resplendent Bindiya is convinced that Vinay too has started to develop tender feelings for her. However her hopes come crashing down when she overhears Vinay tell a group of his friends that he is pretending to like Bindiya only to keep his parents and relatives happy. In reality he has not forgotten the shame he experienced on the day of his marriage and given that, he will never be able to accept Bindiya as his wife.

A heartbroken Bindiya is devastated and so when Vinay asks her whether she has liked his gift, she lashes out. She asks him to stop pretending and tells him that she knows the truth. She tells him that he is a coward for playing with her emotions and those of his family members. Her words are intelligent and use reason rather than emotions. She asserts herself as a human being for the first time by telling her errant husband that he is wrong. Unfortunately the scene turns out to be a thought bubble. But at least she took the first step and confronted her cad of a husband in her thoughts. As they say actions follow thoughts; maybe some day in the near future Bindiya will truly say out to loud to Vinay “Shame on you!”

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