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Monday, February 8, 2010

Kartik and Suman- What new name is their relationship about to take? - Palkon Ki Chaon Mein

Suman has been facing a lot of ups and downs in her life as has become the normal pattern. Having been thrown out of her marital house after the death of her husband, she is heartbroken and without a roof over her head. Her uncle-in-law is unable to accept the injustice of the treatment meted out to Suman and he leaves along with her. The two of them find shelter in Chachaji’s friend’s house. Prabhu Chacha is a widower with two children. Suman befriends the kids and they grow extremely attached to her. She also finds employment at the nearby school.

Just as things were going right for her, she finds herself being the object of some unwanted attention. Prabhudayal is taken in by her good looks and simple ways. Unbeknownst to any one he proposes marriage to Suman. Suman is shocked beyond belief for she has looked upon this elderly man as her uncle’s friend. The thought that he had been harbouring such sullying notions about her leave her extremely despondent. She decides to leave town as she knows that if she were to tell the truth to her uncle, he would have killed his friend.

As she is about to leave, she is stopped by Kartik, her deceased husband’s elder brother and her true well wisher. Kartik assures her that he will help her to find a job and true to his words he does find her a teaching job. Kartik has loved Suman from day one. In fact his mother had intended Suman to be his wife but upon finding out that his younger brother Karan and Suman was in love, he had gotten them married. Karan’s death had devastated him as had the way his mother had treated Suman after the accident. He has always tried to be a friend to Suman, protecting her from harm, believing in her and always reminding himself that she was his younger brother’s widow.

Kartik’s fiancĂ© Nandini (an arranged marriage to which Kartik reluctantly agrees) finds out that he still nurtures romantic feeling for Suman. Insecure and terribly concerned she rushed to Suman and tells her that Kartik will never truly commit to her as long as Suman was around. A desperate Suman then convinces Prabhudayal to help her out by agreeing to a fake marriage. To the world at large they appear as husband and wife but in reality they have not tied the knot. Kartik unaware of Nandini’s actions is hurt by Suman’s step. On the day of his marriage he comes to know the truth and rushes to Prabhudayal’s house to save Suman who was being attacked by the elderly man. As everyone waits for Kartik, the groom to appear, he comes in with Suman. What new turn will Suman’s life take now? Will Kartik be able to accept his feelings for Suman? Whatever be the case, Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein promises to get better.

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