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Friday, February 5, 2010

Na Ana Is Des Mere Laado-Inspired writing helps to take show to No.1 slot!

The team behind the show “Na Ana Is Des Mere Laado” have much to rejoice about. The high voltage drama of the past couple of weeks in which Ammaji was killed off and then brought back in time to nab her killers has helped the show to garner maximum TRPs. It has now become the Number One show across all General Entertainment Channels (Hindi). The entire build up to Ammaji’s (fake) death, the revealing of her true enemies and then her return to prominence and life, very much like the proverbial phoenix, has helped to entertain millions of viewers across the country. Such is the appeal of this show that even men (who generally stay off serials and soaps or so goes the myth) try to not miss an episode.

The escalating pitch of the drama found its culmination point when Dharam Veer and DM Vora were punished by Ammaji, even though the latter did manage to escape. Kudos to the writing team of the serial for they have immediately changed the tone of the show by introducing a love track between Raghav and Sia. Just as viewers were preparing themselves for the full fledged development of this relationship, with some even hoping for Ammaji’s consent to it, the makers decided to add in another twist. They brought in Raghav’s ex girlfriend, Sonali! Even before the lovebirds could have declared their true feelings for each other, the entry of this other woman has added more drama to the show. To top it all, Sonali has even impressed Ammaji who sees in her a reflection of her own younger self.

But there can hardly be a good love story without any obstacle barring its path. Sonali and Ammaji’s mutual admiration society has driven a sharp wedge between Raghav and Sia’s about to flower relationship. In fact Ammaji has made up her mind to marry Sonali to Raghav. In this decision she is supported by her eldest son Yoginder. However the women of the household, namely Jhumar, her mother and Yoginder’s wife are preparing for a silent coup. They have decided to put an end to Ammaji’s tyranny by not allowing the Raghav-Sonali union. They are determined to not allow Ammaji’s wilfulness destroy Raghav and Sia’s happiness for they are convinced that the two are meant for each other. They also believe that if Raghav decides to join hands with the good and righteous Sia, then Ammaji will be dealt a severe blow as it will mean the fall of her most trusted soldier. Indeed if Ammaji’s fall is orchestrated by those who have suffered most due to her and that too in such a silent and peaceful manner, it will symbolise the true victory of the oppressed over the oppressor.

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