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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bairi Piya - Digvijay Thakur’s real face to be exposed to his wife, Urmila!

Digvijay Thakur’s (Sharad Kelkar) character in Bairi Piya (Colors) has to be one of the vilest characters ever written for Hindi serials. A serial womaniser, he has scant respect for women in particular and uses them like playthings. The most powerful landlord of his region and belonging to an upper caste, he enjoys a dual advantage. Economically and socially he is placed at the highest rung of the social and economical hierarchy. Women especially are more vulnerable to him as their fathers/brothers/husbands/friends are at his mercy.

Thakur’s only means of salvation is his wife Urmilla (Shubhi Mehta) - a loving and caring human being. She has not only been a good wife to her husband but also a loving surrogate mother to her many nephews and nieces. She looks after everyone in the family including the hired helps. In fact it might have been her good deeds that negated all the evil doings of her husband who escapes unpunished and unrepentant every time. Thakur’s pet fancy of late is Amoli (Supriya Kumari) a poor girl whom he got married to his servant Radhe so that he could take unfair advantage of her.

Urmilla has been so far unaware of Thakur’s evil deeds. She has stood by her husband like a rock, believing him to be a good and decent human being. However things are set to change. Thakur’s planning will see Radhe caught up in a political riot from which he is saved by Amoli. They will take shelter in a temple and complete their last “Phera” (circumventing the sacred fire) and complete their marriage. This will enrage the Thakur further. He will be furious to know that the marriage has been solemnized. He will then drag Amoli to the haveli (palace). Radhe will try to intervene but will fail to stop him.

As soon as he enters the haveli, Urmila will hear the entire conversation that takes place between Amoli and Thakur. He will narrate to her (with Urmila listening in unaware) all his past diabolical plans and threaten Amoli. Urmila will thus come to know that the husband whom she has loved and worshiped for so long is actually a cad. She will come to know that her husband has not only exploited Amoli but also the other girls of the village. Urmila’s faith in her husband will receive a big blow hearing this. Whether she decides to stay back with her womanizing husband or leaves him for good, only time will tell us all.

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