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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Swayamvar Season 2 - The drama is yet to begin in earnestness! - On NDTV Imagine

Swayamvar Season 2- Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayenge has had a sedate beginning. Given the controversial nature of the ‘groom’ and his past exploits, Rahul has so far been extremely unassuming and not tried to hog the limelight. He has been courteous to all the contestants. In fact he has often appeared embarrassed and bashful, unable to deal with the girls and their clamouring for his attention. In fact, at times he has this look of incredulity on his countenance as if he is wondering to himself “Is this really happening to me? Wow! How did I get to be so lucky?” Indeed over the last couple of years, he has travelled from one end of the spectrum to the other-from being in the hospital for drug overdose to being divorced from his first wife and then becoming a much publicized playboy during Big Boss Season 2.

However the same attributes of timidity and bashfulness cannot be ascribed to the fifteen contestants. They are an over eager, in your face, ‘modesty be damned’ bunch of girls. Of course given the format of the show where they have to woo a man instead of things being the other way round, they cannot afford to be overtly modest. Thus you will find them tripping over each other in their bid to please, tease, coax, cajole, seduce Rahul so that he spends the maximum time with a particular contestant. Some try to show off their culinary skills by preparing various dishes, while still others try to woo him by their singing, dancing and other such skills. The winners of various competition winners get the invaluable prize of getting to spend one-on-one time with Rahul.

So far two celebrity guests have come on the show to judge the contestants. The first one to come on the show was Sambhavna Seth. She came as Rahul’s sister and had a meeting with all the girls individually, forming her own opinion of the aspirants. The fact that Sambhavna’s credentials are as dubious as Rahul’s is of little consequence to the show producers. As a co-participant with Rahul during Big Boss 2 she had created as much trouble and controversy as the man himself.

The second celebrity judge happened to be the lovely and glamorous Gautami Gadgil Kapoor, wife of the host Ram Kapoor. Gautami came on as Rahul’s sister-in-law and she too judged the various contestants by spending time with them. She tried to gauge the persons behind the personas of the various girls and also gave them valuable advice. She selected Swati as the person she found most compatible to Rahul. As the days pass, competition is bound to heat up. It remains to be seen how the girls handle themselves from here and on and more importantly, how Rahul handles all the attention.

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