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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pavitra Rishta - Mellowed down drama, time for truce?

The high pitch drama of Pavitra Rishta has been scaled down a bit ever since Archana met with an accident. For now it seems a truce has been declared between all warring factions. Manav’s mother Savita Tai, who has nothing but harsh words and taunts to give to Archana ever since she moved back in has tried in her own way to care of a convalescing Archana. Given her motives are not too altruistic, she only wants Archana fit and fine so that she can leave as soon as possible, even then it was nice to some ‘tension free’ interaction between the two.

On the other hand Manjusha too has returned to her in-laws house. She had moved out of her husband’s house once Archana had proved that it had indeed been her (Manjusha)’s brother Ajit, who had falsely implicated Manav. She had walked off in a huff, promising never to return till Archana apologised to her and her brother. Once with her mother, she had refused to let her husband or anyone from her in-laws side visit her and her daughter. She had also tried to cause a lot of problems in Archana’s marital life. However all her and her mother’s efforts to cause a rift between her husband (Vinod) and his parents and sisters have come not been successful. Her mother being a wiser woman convinced her of the fallacy of being adamant and stubborn and has made her go back to her in-laws house.

Archana’s younger sister, Varsha, has been through a bad relationship in which she was in love with a much married man. She had even moved out of her parents’ house in order to move in with her lover. However the lover turned out to be cad, as expected. Once bitten, twice shy, she is now averse to the idea of love and marriage. Satish, has fallen in love with Varsha and has proposed marriage. Despite Satish’s mother’s subtle disapproval, the match has moved ahead and soon the two families are planning to solemnise the wedding. Satish is very happy as he loves Varsha with all his heart and soul; Varsha is still undecided but has given in.

The general atmosphere of bonhomie and the reduced level of tension and negativity has made for pleasant viewing. Like too much of mush is difficult to digest, similarly too much of unpleasantness is also not good and can often turn off loyal viewers. With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, this toning down of melodrama is sure to be beneficial for the serial.

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