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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Behnein, Star Plus’s new evening show - 4 daughters

Behnein, Star Plus’s new evening show began with a lot of pomp and grandeur. The occasion for all the celebrations is the Sangeet ceremony of the eldest daughter of X family, Purva (Alisha Khan). We are introduced one by one to the four daughters of the house-Purva, Smriti, Akashi and Anokhi. Their parents Sevantilal and Y shown to be extremely loving parents who look upon their daughters not as burdens but as treasures that they have nurtured with a lot of care and thought. The heartening aspect of this family was the bonding that was depicted between parents and kids. It came across as very real and warm.

Each daughter is shown to be unique in a particular way and this adds to the drama of the show. Purva the eldest child is shown to be very loving and respectful. She is excited at the prospect of getting married to her best friend Amar. She is a cleanliness freak and is forever trying to reduce the clutter around her. The most important thing in her life is a silver pendant gifted by her parents and she always kisses it before anything important because to her the locket stands for their love and blessings. Smriti the middle child is a complete contrast to all her sisters. She is nervous, lack confidence and has a weak physical and immunological constitution. Her husband Mihir is totally devoted to her but her mothe-in-law and sister-in-law hold her in contempt.

The second youngest daughter is Akashi (Adaa Khan) and is the most beautiful among all siblings. She has tremendous love and respect for all her siblings and is not scared to speak her mind. Anokhi (Ojaswi Oberoi) is the youngest child. Vibrant and fun loving, she is passionate about dancing. She shares a great rapport with Amar and also learns dance from him. Apart from the siblings, the other important character of the Shastri household is Neema Fai (Ketaki Dave), elder sister to Sevantilal. Sevantilal respects her immensely but is unaware of her real side. Besides being vindictive, she is also very authoritative and has the last word about any decision. The four sister are immensely scared of her.

The Sangeet ceremony beings on a happy note but ends disastrously as Purva’s parents die in a fire. Shattered and heart broken, the sisters get their first dose of reality when Neema Fai forbids them from performing the last rites of their parents. The siblings however chose to assert themselves and perform the last rites. This angers Neema Fai who tells them not to go against her commands any more as she now controls the property. Now it will be up to the siblings to face the trials and tribulations that will face them successfully and hold on to their bond of sisterly love.


farsana said...

this is aaa vry bad serial .what happened to purva i just cant understandddddddd.....why r you all hurting your viewersssssssss

farsana said...

plssssssssss ...................

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