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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rahul Mahajan begins his swayamvar with a bang!

Swayamvar Season 2-Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega has finally begun. Fifteen beautiful and very hopeful girls will be vying to win Rahul Mahajan’s affection and admiration. Like the previous season (Rakhi’s Swayamvar), the first episode was a grand event where the aspirants were introduced to their prince charming. Set in one of the beautiful palaces in Udaipur Fatehgarh Palace, the contestants alighted from expensive vintage cars to be greeted by Rahul, bouquet in hand. Most of the girls also carried small gifts in order to make a good first impression.

The fifteen hopeful girls came from all over India. The average age of the girls will be around twenty five years and most of them were visibly nervous as they were out to woo a man (and not the other way round) and that too on national television. It takes guts for a woman to pursue a man rather than the reverse. Most of the girls were either students or aspiring models and there even was a lecturer of a college. Most girls came bearing presents so as to make a mark in Rahul’s heart at the very first opportunity. Twinkle Mukherjee from Kolkata gifted Rahul an idol of Goddess Durga, “jor” and cheli– that marks the 'gathbandhan' (wedding knot) between a bride and groom in Bengali weddings. Charmy from Ahmedabad showered her affection and wished Rahul good luck by gifting him a showpiece of 'Farishtey'(angel). Nikunj Malik, an accessories designer from Faridabad made Rahul's day truly special by gifting him a wallet especially designed by her with her picture in it. Rashmi from Lucknow gifted him a set of a Lucknawi Kurta-Pajama.

Tannu from Faridabad and Mrinal from Nagpur gifted the Dulhe Raja a statue of Radha Krishna and a Bhagwad Gita respectively.Rahul was visibly overwhelmed and touched by these warm gestures and could not suppress his joy and happiness as the girls made his way to him one by one. A lovely party had been organised where the girls tried their best to spend some one-on-one time with Rahul. While some made him dance, others sang to express their joy and some even spouted poetry. It was very evident from the behaviour of all the contestants that they meant business and were serious about their efforts to woo Rahul.

The coming episodes will be interesting to watch as we will get to see the girls more up close and personal. The kind of chemistry each girl is able to strike up with Rahul will determine the length of their stay in the show. There will cat fights galore as the girls have already started back biting about each other from the first episode itself. Whether Rahul’s Swayamvar is as successful as Rakhi’s only time will tell, but viewers can certainly look forward to many entertaining episodes full of drama, romance and excitement.

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