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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Naitik and Akshara - Trouble in paradise to be resolved soon?

Askhara and Naitik are perhaps one of the most loved on screen pairs of Hindi serials nowadays. Viewers have been glued to their unique love story which blossomed after their marriage was fixed by the respective families. In fact the distinctiveness of the story lay in the fact that it was attempting to capture a very basic reality of Indian marriages and families- the way love blossoms between two completely unknown individuals once they tie the knot. Akshara and Naitik came to symbolise those millions of young people across India who first marry and then fall in love and not the other way round.

After a very elaborate marriage the couple settled down to domestic bliss. There were hiccups along the way but these two very much in love individuals seemed determined to not let anything come in the way of their own private heaven. Even Naitik’s mother who had concerns giving up space in her son’s life to this new person was handled very nicely by the young couple. However these two lovebirds are now facing the toughest challenge to their relationship. Misunderstood by her marital family who thought that she had deliberately mislead her sister-in-law (Nandini), Akshara tries to plead her case before every family member but without much success. She had expected Naitik to support and stand by her. But his inability to do so breaks her heart. She leaves for her father’s place and Naitik does not stop her.

Initially, Akshara’s family were unaware that she had left her in-laws house. Once they come to know about this, Akshara’s father, Vishambharnath, goes to his son-in-law’s house to sort out matters. However once he is apprised of the situation he lays down a condition for the Singhanias (Naitik’s family) that Akshara will return only when Naitik goes to fetch her back. His reasoning is that given the nature of this misunderstanding, it will be better if Naitik and Akshara resolve their differences first and get together because they want to and not due to familial pressure. This angers the Singhanias as they take it to be highhanded behaviour on the part of Akshara’s father.

The writers’ of the show need to be congratulated for the stance that Akshara’s father has taken. Even though he is humble, he is not willing to compromise his daughter’s sense of dignity. He wants to be assured that she will be able to retain her earlier position of trust and respect before he sends her back. He also respects the fact that marriage is ultimately between two people and to this end wants Akshara and Naitik to resolve differences first. Whether the lovely couple are able to find their way back to each other only time will tell. Till such time, viewers will have to keep their fingers crossed.

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