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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Miley Jab Hum Tum - Talking a look at some social issues

It is sad that in a country like India with such a large young population, there is a dearth of serials that talk address issues faced by the young generation of today. Hindi serials on air presently talk about a whole spectrum of problems and concerns from farmer suicides due to indebtedness or female infanticide or the urban-rural/men-women hierarchies. However stories that have college based themes tends to focus only on the problems caused by ‘stupid cupid’. Miley Jab Hum Tum began as such a serial. The focus was entirely on the development of the love stories between the two lead couples.

Gunjan and Nupur are siblings who come from a different city to Mumbai and join its premier college. Here the two meet Samrat and Mayank. Sparks fly between Gunjan and Samrat and Nupur and Samrat. Following the laws of nature, opposites attract and the shy and reserved Gunjan falls for the flamboyant Samrat, while the gregarious Nupur feels herself drawn towards the reserved and studious Mayank. While one pair’s story (Gunjan-Samrat) progresses from friendship to love; the other pair (Nupur-Samrat) fights their way to love.

Once the love stories are settled in their grooves, the show does something unique. It gets one pair-Nupur and Samrat married and brings in to focus the problems and concerns of a newly married young couple who have to strike a balance between their academic lives and their personal one. Across India and across a diverse cross section of society, the marriage of young couples is very common. In most cases the girl is made or in cases has to give up her education as she has to fulfil diverse roles and obligations. In Nupur, these young women can find a role model who struggles in juggling these two diverse roles but does not give up on any. It is unfair to either expect or force women to give up their future, their sense of identity just because she is a married woman. Nupur can give hope and strength to those many nameless, faceless faces and encourage them not to compromise.

Eve-teasing is also a common problem faced by most young women across India. The coming episodes of Miley Jab Hum Tum will raise this pertinent issue that has caused many a death and brought pain and suffering to many lives. It is sad when a young and relatively educated individual behaves like a boor or a bully and most eve-teasers normally do that. It does not speak well about the younger generation (or for that matter any generation) if they were to indulge in such behaviour. By focussing on this very important youth-based problem that has ruined the lives of many women, Miley Jab Hum Tum is helping to spread social awareness.

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