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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Manav does the unthinkable in Pavitra Rishta !!

The unthinkable has happened. Manav, goaded on by his mother has indeed put vermillion on Shravani’s forehead thereby solemnising the promise he had made to protect her honour and dignity. A tearful Archana could only look on helplessly as her husband took on another woman as his wife. Everyone present and involved is in no doubt of Archana and Manav’s real feelings for each other. However no one is able to do anything to prevent this from happening. But why is this so? Why could no one who witnessed the event unfold step forward and stop Manav from carrying out a senseless act? The answer of course is TRPs.

Every good love story needs a very good obstacle. Manav and Archana have had many. First it was Archana’s mother who refused to accept Manav as her son-in-law and her daughter’s husband because of his humble background. Manav, a lowly mechanic did not match up to her exacting standards. Thus despite Archana’s apparent willingness she refused to accept the sanctity of the marriage and even forced Archana to leave Manav.

Then it was the turn of Manav’s step mother. She has always looked upon her step son as the means to a comfortable life and had hoped that he would bring in a lot of dowry via his marriage. She is unable to stand Archana’s mother’s high-handedness and taunts. She passed on her immense dislike for the mother on to the daughter and now wants to see Archana suffer at any cost. She has been one of the biggest obstacles in the Manav-Archana love story. Archana’s sister-in-law Manjusha and her mother have been the other villains of the story. She along with her mother and brother tricked Archana into being present in a not so respectable part of the city but made it seem as if it had all been Manav’s doing. This act alone made the lovely couple reach divorce proceedings.

The hurdle presented in the form of Shravani is even more surmountable for the duo. Shravani is pregnant with Manav’s deceased younger brother’s child. Now it is a question of an unborn innocent life and a young girl’s honour and reputation in society. Manav reluctantly agreed to shoulder the burden when he and Archana were on the verge of a divorce. But now that Archana has come back to him and wants to continue their life together, this promise made by him has become a cross for him. What justification can he give to Archana for breaking her heart? What justification can he give to Shravani if he is unable to protect her good name? Can he live with himself if his dead brother’s yet to be born child is lost to the shadow of illegitimacy? These are questions that he and Archana as a couple will have to find answers to.

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