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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nakusha wants to take off her ugly duckling disguise in order to woo Dutta!

Who says love is blind? For if this was true then Nakusha would not have to worry about her ‘ugly duckling’ image. Made to deliberately hide her real looks from the world at large by her mother, Nakusha is happy hiding behind hideous eyebrows and a very dark complexion. In fact on the occasion where her real beauty was revealed to the world she managed to land up in trouble with the evil and diabolical Inspector More who wanted to forcibly marry her and then sell her off. She was saved from More by Dutta Patil, the underworld don, who was gravely injured in the process.

Nakusha saves Dutta’s life and Dutta’s mother, who is hugely indebted to Nakusha, brings her and her parents home. She gives them a roof over their heads and employs the entire family as hired helps in various positions. Nakusha had been in her disguise of ‘ugliness’ when Dutta came into her life. As such Dutta and his entire family have no idea about Nakusha’s real looks. Nakusha meanwhile falls in love with Dutta as she finds him to be brave, loyal and loving. He treats Nakusha with a lot of respect and does not judge her by her looks-it is almost as if for Dutta Nakusha is as ‘normal-looking’ as the rest of his family and friends.

Dutta’s marriage has been fixed to Supriya, a fair and beautiful girl. Her entry into Dutta’s life makes Nakusha uncomfortable and jealous. She longs to be by Dutta’s side, to claim Supriya’s position as her own. However more than her position as the maid, it is her disguise that puts her at a disadvantage. The very fact that people in the house feel Supriya is really gorgeous brings tears to Nakusha's eyes. The only option left for Nakusha now is to reveal her true self to Dutta. She evens confronts her mother and tells her that Dutta will surely fall for her if she were to reveal her real looks to him. She is confident that Supriya’s looks are nothing compared to her own. She waxes eloquent about the beauty of her almond eyes, her long and lustrous hair and perfectly shaped oval, lovely face.

Nakusha is so desperate about the whole affair that she even acts a bit abnormal and paranoid. However Nakusha needs to realise that true love is beyond triviality. It is not dependent on looks. She needs to understand that in love what matters is inner beauty and appearances are transient. The day Dutta is able to appreciate her for the person she is, Nakusha will not have to worry about her ‘ugly betty’ disguise.

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