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Monday, March 8, 2010

Bidaai - Sadhana facing a lot of questions about the divorce, and Vasu arranging for marriage with Mallika

One wonders about these serials, how they show people stretching to breaking point, and how good is almost never rewarded, and if it is rewarded, then only for a short while, and then everything becomes bad again. Here, Sadhana is the perfect daughter, bahu (too perfect, since she keeps on taking everything - in the Gita, it says that you should always speak up for the truth, and she keeps on hiding it one way or the other).
So, here Sadhana had signed the divorce papers since she needed the money from Vasu, and Vasu wanted to see the end of the Sadhana - Alekh relationship so that she could get Alekh married to Mallika (did she never think that Mallika is a much more strong willed girl, and would not be so easily pushed like Vasu keeps on pushing Sadhana). Here Sadhana is not willing to reveal where she got the money from, and even told Alekh that she had signed the divorce papers since they did not have much of a relationship; as a result, Alekh is torn between moving away and his love for Sadhana. Only Ranveer is the one who continues to believe in this relationship and is shocked when Vasu tries to get Alekh and Mallika to get engaged fast, it is only Alekh who refuses to get engaged immediately, although Vasu is confident that she will get him engaged to Mallika within 2 days.
In the meantime, Ragini comes to the house and declares that she is shocked by Sadhana's decision to divorce Alekh, something that the others in the house don't know; they are equally shocked. They all apply pressure to Sadhana, but she refuses to reveal the reason for why she took this decision, and though her Mamaji is clearly disappointed, he does not try to force her. Vinu also tries, but is unable to get her to reveal the reasons why he did so.

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