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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hindi Serial - Ballika Vadhu - Anandi gets shot when trying to save Jagdish in the town

Ballika Vadhu is taking a very dramatic turn, from being full of festivity to a scene of total downturn in the matter of a few episodes. Jagdish, fresh from his school exams declared that he had topped in the examinations. This was a matter of great celebrations in the house, since Jagdish had not been so good before, and everybody including his grandmother joined in the celebrations, with a party, with dance, and so on. Even a treasure hunt was organized where Jagdish had to guess a few clues, which eventually led him to a mobile phone as a prize. Anandhi, who also studied for the exam at home, however, got only 55%. But she forgot her unhappiness at these marks by joining in the celebration of Jagdish's marks. At the peak of the celebrations, it was all revealed to be false by Jagdish's teacher who declared that Jagdish had just passed.
Bhairon was very angry at this deception, and slapped Jagdish and scolded him very badly, and everybody was very angry at him. Not able to take this, he ran away from home and reached the town. However, a town is not a very good place for a young sheltered boy such as Jagdish, and he came into the eyes of a gang who exploits young boys.
In the meantime, the family found that Jagdish was in the town, and Anandi along with Bhairon came to the town to locate Jagdish. They eventually found Jagdish when he was trying to run away from the people who were trying to cut his legs off; eventually Jagdish managed to run away and straight into the arms of Anandi. However, a tragedy was in place, since a bullet was fired on Jagdish and Anandi took this bullet (with the background information being that Anandi will go into a coma so that she can take time off for her studies in real life).

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