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Monday, March 22, 2010

Hindi Serial - 12/24 Karol Bagh - Unexpected turn of events, with Anuj starting to turn bad

12/24 Karol Bagh (on Zee TV) is a serial about love and relationships, and the disputes between the family members. Simi has been getting into more trouble ever since it became clear that she was interested in a relation with Abhi, who is 8 years younger to her. Eventually the relationship caused the break of a relation with her mother, since Simi did not raise the issue when her marriage to Nakul was being finalized. The biggest problem has been the attitude of her brother, Anuj, who has been behaving like a confused person to some extent, while acting like a villain in other cases.
In recent time, inspired by his wife, Anuj is now turning out to be a proper villain. Ever since he lost his job, he was not sure what to do, and then he got into the worst sort of company, becoming closer to Rajiv Bhalla (the ultimate villain of the serial); this was something that his father and sister would have strongly objected to. However, Anuj is now without a job (he got fired from his previous job) and is getting estranged from his father since he believes that his father does not trust him, and favors his sister Simi. And then his mother is still behaving very strongly, since she still is acting against Simi.
Now, Anuj has done the unmentionable, since he pushed his father down the stairs, which resulted in his father getting paralyzed, unable to speak or make many movements. He now wants to indicate to Simi about what happened, and Anuj does not want this to happen; to the extent that he is now threatening his father now to mention the reason why he fell down the stair, while Simi wants to know what really happened.

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