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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hindi Serials - Dance India Dance - Jeetendra on the sets of the dance show

The latest superstar to shake a leg with the finalists of Zee TV’s Lux Dance India Dance is “Jumping Jack” Jeetu! The evergreen heartthrob who made the ladies swoon in the 70’s and 80’s had all the girls on the sets of India’s biggest dance reality show raving about how young he still looks. When quizzed about his trademark “White shirt, white pants n white shoes” look, the actor said, “Dark clothes make me look short!” Heard this one before, guys? Quite an original perspective, Jeetu ji! As he stepped up on stage, Jeetendra said, “Let me first admit … I am deeply intimidated by all the dancers who’ve performed on this platform. Over the years, fans have loved me for my dance style. But these guys are just something else. They’re rockstars. I doubt if anybody can match steps with them!” Turning to Grand Master Mithun Da, he said, “Dada’s been a great friend and a source of inspiration in so many little ways.” Overwhelmed by the praise, Mithun Da interrupted him saying, “Please, Jeetu ji! It’s completely the other way around. I have always taken your guidance and followed your footsteps in the industry. You have been my idol for a very long time!”

In a bid to dazzle Jeetendra, the 3 masters and their teams are said to have presented acts depicting the famous dance styles of all their favorite Bollywood stars. Watching Shakti from Terence ki Toli bring alive the magic of Madhubala with Aaiye Meherebaan from Howrah Bridge, a floored Jeetu asked her who taught her all those lovely expressions. Playfully, Shakti pointed at her guru Terence Lewis who went red in the face! Jeetuji insisted, at this point, that Terence show them a glimpse of Madhubala and the ace choreographer had no choice but to oblige! Everybody’s favorite Dharmesh “sir” from Geeta Ki Gang brought the house down with a medley of dance hits from Jeetendra’s films and the superstar had tears in his eyes! All eyes were glued to the floor when Jeetu took to the dance floor with Mithun Da and Master Terence Lewis. To catch all this excitement and more, tune into Lux Dance India Dance on Fridays and Saturdays at 9:30 PM on Zee TV!

Jeetu ji  Mithun Da on Lux Dance India dance

Terence Lewis prods Jeetu Ji  Mithun Da to shake a leg

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