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Friday, March 26, 2010

Hindi Serial - Pratigya on Star Plus - Pratigya fighting Krishna even though she agreed to get married

Pratigya is a disappointment of sorts in terms of depicting how a girl withstands harassment. Here you have a spirited girl in a conservative city, fighting off the advances of a person, whom she does not like. You would normally expect the boy to get the message, but in this case Krishna is so madly in love with Pratigya that he does not care for her wishes, and loves her very passionately. As a result, he is willing to apply any amount of force to obtain her, and finally applies so much pressure on her and her family that they finally got married. However, Pratigya still hates Krishna, something that he cannot understand. For him, whatever he wants, he gets; and this is also supported by his father and family who also believe in the rights of the man to whatever he wants.
Finally, when she is married to Krishna, she makes her hatred clear to him and does not let him touch her, starting from the wedding night. However, at the same time, Krishna slowly starts to feel compassion for her, enough though he cannot understand this hatred and repulsion that Pratigya feels for him. And then the overall situation in his house is also something that she is not comfortable with, since she is from a house where daughters have all the rights of education freedom, etc; something that is certainly not the case in Krishna's house.
And then another major confrontation with his family starts. Krishna's father proposes that Pratigya adopt a new name, something that she refuses point blank. This shocks him, since the assumption is that anything he says is a command that needs to be obeyed, and how the new bahu of the house can refuse is a huge shock. However, Krishna supports her and says that if she does not want a new name, then the discussion is over.
What is disappointing in the serial is how it depicts the case of harassment, where a girl in modern India is forced to buckle down and marry the person who is harassing her; and instead of being able to stand up for her rights, she marries him, something that could be the end of her freedom and right to live as she likes.

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