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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rehna Hai Teri Palkon ki Chaaon Mein - The truth is out about Nandini and her being the entire attempt

Palkon Ki Chaaon mein has had a somewhat change in the way that Suman is being treated. Earlier, she was treated with hatred and derision, because she was a widow, and was blamed in some way for the death of her husband, Karan in an accident on their honeymoon. She faced a lot of problems, given that she was also grieving for Karan, but continued to have the strong support of the elder son of the family, Karthik (whose mother had initially selected Suman for Karthik). However, now Nandini was slated to marry Karthik, and this was agreed to by everyone in the house; although Karthik continued to have a soft corner for Suman.
However, thing started getting problematic for Suman when she moved away and started living with her uncle (chacha) and Prabhu Dayal, who was a widower and had 2 sons. He soon told Suman that he liked her and wanted her to become his wife, something she was not comfortable with. At the same time, Nandini was also not comfortable with the idea of Karthick and Suman, she found Suman, and convinced her to fake a marriage with Prabhu Dayal so that Nandini's marriage with Karthik would become easier.
However, with this fake marriage, Prabhu Dayal told Suman that she cannot leave now, and was holding her. Karthik rescued her then, and then when PD told everybody that Nandini was behind it, no one believed it. It is only now that Karthik learns that Nandini was constantly on the phone with PD when Suman was held, and accuses her of being behind everything, something she accepts. Now what ?

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