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Monday, March 15, 2010

Sabki Laadli Bebo - the confrontation between the real Bebo and the false Bebo (Raano) - expected in the next couple of episodes

In Sabki Laadli Bebo, Bebo had just a few weeks back come through a major problem, when she had saved her family from being implicated in charges of demanding dowry and conspiring to burn their daughter-in-law; this had even divided their family with their own son and another daughter-in-law being implicated. It was only Bebo who along with her husband Amrit managed to save them from this trouble and bring out the false case in court.
As soon as that specific time ended, the show makers decided to start another major complication, this time in terms of a life-threatening complication for Bebo. They brought in a double (somebody looking exactly like Bebo), who saw the comfortable and lovely life for Bebo and wanted it all, and since she looked exactly like Bebo, you could imagine what would happen. And so it happened, this lady (called Raano - very original names !) duped Bebo, took her near a cliff, and pushed her over. After some initial uncomfortable questions by the police, she feigned confusion and got herself out of the situation and accepted by the family.
In the meantime, the real Bebo was still alive, but you would have guessed it, she had lost her memory and was unable to remember who she was and why some things seemed familiar to her. Through a series of events, she came back to the house, scaring the fake Bebo (the real Raano) tremendously. Now, the serial is showing how Raano is trying to get Bebo out of the picture; bebo in the meantime is struggling to understand some of the recollection that she gets when she some photos, some people, and so on. I am pretty sure that in some time, she will be able to recollect more of her memory and remember what happened; and in the meantime, the people around her will start to realize something is wrong since she would recognize some things that only Bebo could know.

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