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Friday, March 5, 2010

Sony - Powder - The story of the fight against a drug lord and story of people leading the fight

Powder is a relatively new serial on Sony, the story of the fight against drugs. The fight against terrorism and the underworld is now mixed with the story of how they control the entire drugs scene, especially the scenario of recreational abuse of drugs by a young fast generation (who are not addicts in the classical sense but more active users). To cater to this generation, there are a new series of people trying to make their riches, and being much smarter about how to stay one step ahead of the police.
In this fight, there is also the depiction of jealousy and fighting between the various Government agencies, with the pivotal fight against drugs being led by the Narcotics Control Bureau. They have a honest team led by Usmaan Malik; and they are after drug lord Naved Ansari.
The current episode of the serial focuses on a lady Binata from Kohima, who is otherwise well educated and accomplished, and who needs to be admitted in a drug rehabilitation center. She also accuses the people over there of not knowing anything about the North East states. In a different situation, Naved wants to go to Dubai, but the don over there, Musa, refuses to let him come over there.
The show shows a lot of the actual goings on in the narcotics scene, including places where foreigners come for drugs (including places in Himachal Pradesh); it also shows the interactions between lawyers and the drug control officials via the legal system.

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