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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hindi Serial - Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - Finally Akshara and Naitik make up

The change in the serial was very abrupt, since for many viewers, the concept of Naitik was a person acutely aware of his status and position; one who even though loves his wife, was able to see mistakes in her even more easily. At a time when the entire family was angry with Akshara, she needed support from Naitik the most, and it was then that he deserted her. He even told her that she was causing too much problems and tension in the house, and that she could leave if she wanted, and so Akshara did (and this was the event that shocked everybody into understanding that things were out of control). His own family had started realizing that he was getting too much into his ego, and too arrogant.
And then came the episode of Holi, where he suddenly made his way to Akshara's house, supposedly drunk on Bhang, and then made Akshara also high on Bhangra. And then they had a frank discussion where she told him about everything that he had done that had shocked her, especially the fact that he had not supported her. Based on this entire discussion, Naitik then dragged her downstairs, where everybody assumed that things between them were still not normal. And it was then that Naitik gave the biggest surprise, telling everyone that he agreed that he was the one who was wrong, and apologizing to Akshara in front of everyone. This made Akshara feel much better, now that she realized that the love from Naitik was strong enough, and this also shocked both set of families. However, Naitik had still not helped his sister, and the question is whether he can make up with Mohit and get the happinness to his sister, Nandini by uniting her with Mohit ?

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