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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayenge - Rahul finally decides on Dimpy as his bride, leaving Nikunj and Harpreet in the lurch

So finally the waiting is over. On a long program shown on Saturday, Rahul has finally made his choice, selecting Dimpy Ganguly over the final 3 contestants, with Nikunj Malik and Harpreet Chhabra, who made the final, not being selected. The show also put at rest all the talk after Rakhi Sawant's swayamwar, who had got engaged and then broke the engagement, since it is quite clear that Rahul and Dimpy are going to get married on the show. They have already exchanged garlands, exchanged rings, and taken the blessings of the parents present on the show. Rahul also finally said "I love you" to one of the contestants, and it was Dimpy. It must have been that he made his choice much early.
For the last couple of days, the show has been highlighting the various functions that relate to marriage, such as dance and singing shows, bringing in many other stars (but not major film stars), going through many of the rituals such as the haldi. Before this, all the meetings with the different set of parents had happened. Of course, one wonders for Harpreet and Nikunj, since they have gone through all the rituals and even done a haldi ceremony for somebody whom they are not going to marry (although they would already know this before they joined the show).
The show did try to prolong things a bit, such as by asking all the parents, the girls, and Rahul to say whether they did want to say anything to any of the others, and this got a bit boring. However, now that NDTV Imagine has managed to get a swayamwar to end with a marriage, their credibility level must have gone up.

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