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Monday, March 1, 2010

Bidaai - Sadhana finally gets the money required for the operation of her maamiji

Sadhana is facing a very difficult task; her maamiji needs a medical operation that will cost atleast Rs. 4-5 lakhs, and there is an urgent need to get the money required. There does not seem any easy way to get the money required, so it is upto Sadhana to get the money required, and then Sadhana finds out about this dance competition where the final prize will get the required some of money. So even though she does not know dancing, she gets to know of an instructor who will be able to teach all this in the few days remaining. Sadhana manages to convince the teacher to come out of retirement and train her.
And then the surprise, her mother-in-law has found out that Sadhana is looking for money and persuades Ragini to also enter the show, so that Sadhana will face problems in getting the required money. Sadhana will face problems in facing off with Ragini since it would always be difficult for to compete with her own sister. And so it happens, Ragini wins since Sadhana lets her win.
However, Sadhana still got money for the operation, and this money was given to her by Vasu, on a condition that Sadhana signs the divorce documents that Vasu got with her, and Sadhana had to do this for the operation for her maamiji. But, and this is something that is not clear, she wants her family to think that her brother had arranged for the money.

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