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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hindi Serial - on Sony - the story of people behind a marriage agency

Sony recently came out with a line-up of new serials, such as Powder, Seven, Crime Patrol, etc. One of the new serials in this line-up is called, and it is a humorous look at a marriage agency. The serial started on Sony on January 3, 2010, and is produced by the movie producer Yash Raj Films. The serial is directed by Rishab Seth and produced by Aditya Chopra.
The serial is about the marriage agency called, run by 2 very different individuals. The lady who is the main worker of the agency, Isha Mirchandani (played by Shruti Seth) is a dedicated lady who believes firmly in the institution of marriage. She believes that she is playing an important part of society by bringing people together. On the other hand, the other partner running the agency, Rohan (played by Kavi Shastri) is more of a lazy person, less interested in running the agency as a way of helping society (and hence with a different view-point than Isha). In the first episode, you get an idea of how Rohan is, when he starts to ignore his girl-friend for no reason, and she finds out about this, and leaves him.
The serial deals with the different types of people who come to the agency and how this challenges the workers in the agency (such as a 65 year old man who recently lost his wife and is now looking for a companion; another man came in and spun a story about his grand-father dying in 3 weeks and hence needing to get a new wife, somebody who will agree to marry him within a period of 3 weeks. Then there is another lady who sees her friend marrying a nice catch, and wants to get married to an even more eligible bachelor to show up her friend).
The serial, through the different characters who come to the agency for getting marriage partners, show the different type of people who live in the society, and the impact of all these people on the people in the agency.

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