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Monday, March 15, 2010

Hindi Serial - Bandini - Santu on a more aggressive nature, but her own sister gets caught

Santu returned to the home after spending her 10 years in jail (the 10 years in jail for a murder that she did not commit), and realized that the house had been divided in her absence, with a line drawn through the center. At the time of her trial, her sister Khemi was totally against her because she was convicted of the murder of Khemi's husband Arjan, and she also set a condition with DM that if DM wanted her to not abort Arjan's baby, he would not take any steps towards fighting Santu's case. Based on this request, and shocked by it, Dharamraj cut off all links with his family and business, staying in the house but no longer involved in any decisions (this was a very strange decision, and given that he is a moral decision maker, this was not something that he should have done).
Now that Santu is back, she wanted the divisions in the house to get over, and one way was to get all the house people against her and with each other; she seems to be succeeding in that. The other quest that she had was to get DM back involved in the family, and also protect the family against their own internal divisions. Part of that was to ensure that people accounted for their misdeeds and accounted for all the money that they took from the treasury, and for that, she took control of the house safe by claiming that DM had once given her a Power of Attorney. This was a side of Santu that nobody had ever seen, and they were very confused; even more so since she made it seem that she was after the money.
One of the quests for her was to find out who was trying to get rid of Toral's unborn baby by poisoning her, and it was very shocking for her when her own sister, Monghi was accused of the crime. Santu laid a trap and found out that it was Khemi (again her own sister) who was accused of the crime, and Khemi was doing it to ensure the complete rights of her own son, Krishna.

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