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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Comedy - Sab TV - Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo - the make believe family to satisfy father-in-law

Sab TV has positioned itself as a channel that serves light entertainment, and not the drama that one sees on regular entertainment channels, typically serials that involve conniving family members, or conflict between different members of a family, and so on. Instead, the channel has an active comedy lineup of serials, along with other light serials, which are meant for the entire family to watch and enjoy.
One of the serials is called 'Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo', which is about the relation between a loving husband and wife. The serial appears from Monday to Thursday at 9 PM and is for 30 minutes. The serial is about a man called Apurva, who is the lead character of the serial. He is in love with Aarti, the niece of his boss, Dhirubhai. Apurva does not have any family members, but is otherwise a very nice person. Dhirubhai, before he lets his niece Aarti marry Apruva, wants to meet the family members of Apurva (does not know that Apurva does not have any family members), and to ensure that Dhirubhai can get his solution, Apurva manufacturers an entire family.
His friend acts as his father, a drama artiste plays the role of his mother, and other friends play other roles. There are always challenges that happen in such situations, such as when Aarti tries to make tea, and fails. At that time, the make-believe mother is told to teach Aarti how to cook, but she does not know either, and gets in a soup.

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