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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hindi Serial - Bidaai - Finally Ragini gets to learn more about all the efforts and sacrifices by Sadhana

For some time now, it seemed clear that the role of Sadhana was only to be good, sacrifice her life and efforts, and yet be blamed for a lot of things that can go wrong in the family. In fact, Ragini, to whom she was very close, also started moving away from her once it turned out that Sadhana had to give testimony in court against Ranveer (even though she was just speaking the truth); it became so bad that Ragini refused to speak properly to Sadhana and started believing all the words of Vasu as well as her mother against Sadhana. In the end, it was only her mama who continued to believe in her, as well as Ranveer.
But things started to move in her favor due to none other than Vasu. After Vasu gave money to Sadhana for signing the divorce papers, everybody started criticizing Sadhana for trying to get divorced from Alekh, even Ragini. But Sadhana refused to state the reason. For Vasu, she started getting into some problem when her elder daughter-in-law learnt that Vasu had given money to Sadhana for the divorce and effectively blackmailed Vasu into giving her Rs. 1 lakh to keep her mouth quiet. This was seen by Inderjeet who suspected that something was going wrong and confronted Vasu.
Ragini had already learnt that Sadhana deliberately lost the dance contest, and also learnt that Sadhana was looking to get a lot of money for the treatment, and then also learnt that Sadhana did arrange to get the money. And then she heard the discussion between Vasu and Inderjeet where she learned that Sadhana had agreed to get married to a then-mentally unstable Alekh for getting their house out of debt, and also for a promise to get Ragini married to Ranveer; and then even recently, she got the money for her mamiji's operation only by agreeing to sign the divorce papers.
This really shook up Ragini, since it became clear to her that everything was done by Sadhana, that she had sacrificed herself for her family and for Ragini, and yet everybody including Ragini was blaming her for many things.

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