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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - Naitik makes up, and is apparently high on bhang

Ever since Naitik and Akshara separated, it became clear that Naitik was on a high horse, not wanting to forgive any slight mistake on Akshara's part; even when their elders had conspired to get them together, even a small slight was enough to get him angry again. At this, his parents and his grandparents were not exactly very happy with him, especially when he went home angry from Akshara's house, the evening before Holi.
The next day, on Holi, they were surprised since they expected that Naitik would still be angry, but it turned out that he was full of the Holi spirit, willing to apply color on everyone and had got all his friends over (except for his former best friend Mohit, who he started avoiding ever since he got to know that Mohit and Nandini were in love with each other).
Then he vanishes suddenly, and his family is very surprised and puzzled as to where he has gone (although most viewers would have realized that he would have gone to Akshara's house), and that is indeed where he goes. Akshara's family is very surprised to see him there, but they treat him like the respected son-in-law he is; and the makers of the serial have tried to show him as a person who has taken bhang, and is now somewhat high. His inlaws see him in this strange behavior, but they cannot say much to him; although they do let his parents know that Naitik is over there. This causes his family to suffer some surprise, since they did not expect him to go there, and also because they have to get ready to go to the other house and for that they need to take sweets and other stuff. By the time they get there, Naitik has asked them to get Bhang, something that they are surprised about, but still get for him. Akshara is very surprised at all this. And then his family gets there, and they are surprised at seeing him in this state, although Naitik tries to control himself.

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