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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Older Hindi TV serials - Sanjivani on Star Plus - an older medical serial

At any point of time, there can be one or more serials showing on TV that are based on the medical fraternity (with the serials being set on hospitals, on the life of doctors, and on the love life and relationships between them). One of the serials that used to come earlier was known as Sanjivani, coming on Star Plus, in the years 2002-2005. It was a precursor of the later serial, 'Dil Mil Gaye' (that is now coming on Star One). The full name of the serial is Sanjivani - A Medical Boon.
The serial was based on 4 main characters, Juhi, Rahul, Simran and Omi, who are interns in the beginning, having joined the hospital. The medical profession is a demanding profession, with all sorts of people in it, and the serial shows the pressures and demands that the medical profession puts on these 4 characters and the people around them, and how they deal with it and mature (including adding their own context to the people around them). The link of the serial on the Star Utsav site is this link.
The cast of the serial is:
Dr. Juhi Singh/Mehra (played by Gurdeep Kohli) - wife of Dr. Rahul Mehra
Dr. Rahul Mehra (played by Gaurav Chanana / Mihir Mishra) - husband of Dr. Juhi Singh
Dr. Umesh 'Omi' Joshi (played by Sanjeet Bedi) - in love with Chitra
Dr. Simran Chopra/ Mehra (played by Shilpa Kadam / Rupali Ganguly) - first wife of Dr. Rahul Mehra

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