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Friday, May 21, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini on Imagine TV - Santu again faced with the question of whether she killed Arjan

In Bandini, like in any hindi serial, no happiness comes without some problems. So it is in the case of Bandini. Soon after she realizes that Birwa is not actually what seems to be, and in fact, is trying to save Monghi from the advances of a villanious Sarang. She manages to do, but at the sacrifice of having to marry Sarang and also sign over her property to her. And she was not able to tell this to anyone, only reveal it to Santu, that too when Santu finds the letters that Birwa had written to her.
However, there is a new complication for Santu. DM's sister, Motibhen is back, and this time she is determined to be a thorn in Santu's life. She wants to celebrate the marriage of Sarang and Birwa and prohibits DM from opposing her. DM is fine with this. Monghi remains angry with Santu for seemingly supporting Birwa even though Birwa caused this turmoil in the life of Monghi. And then Motibhen insists that DM divorce Santu, since even though she has been sentenced to 10 years in court, it is not the justice of Dharamraj that his son's killer lives in the house, and says that she will go to Ahmadabad to prepare the necessary papers.
Now, DM is in a fix. He has been told by Motibhen to take the necessary decision keeping in mind his reputation as a decision maker; he eventually tells Santu that either she tell him the truth, or she be prepared to end the relationship. Santu is very troubled at this decision by DM, but it would be very hard for her to tell DM the truth about who actually killed Arjan, since she lied to save a person, and is not likely to go back. But the truth would come out in some way, maybe Birwa will tell the truth.

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