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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu on Colors - Maasa trying to marry off Jagdish for a second time

In a major twist to the story, Maasa has been led down the path to believing that Anandi is not the right bride for Jagdish, this is something that Teepri has initiated as part of her major plan to get a separation between Bhairav and his wife, but she had never thought that Maasa would suddenly start believing in this to this degree and make plans in secret to marry off Jagdish to a second wife, and all this without telling anyone (even though some of this planning happens in front of the family, and yet they do not get to know all this). Eventually Kalyani has contacted a set of girl's parents (again under-age) and then persuaded them for this marriage, and has also taken Jagdish away from the family under the excuse of getting him to visit a Guruji in a nearby village.
And then Khazan Singh, the father of Anandi turns up and raises hell with Bhairav Singh (almost coming to blows with Bhairav since Bhairon cannot believe that his mother would do something like this). Eventually however Khazan Singh brings up a person who had been contacted by Kalyani for this marriage, and then they start finding more evidence that this was something that was being planned. Finally, a shaken Bhairav starts believing that Kalyani indeed was planning on doing something like this, and then Teepri also called Bhairav on the phone to provide him the contact details of where Maasa is along with Jagdish (Teepri wants to do this since she believes that Bhairav would never forgive Maasa along with Teepri if he got to know that Teepri was also involved in this). This is finally information that both Bhairav and Khazan Singh are looking for, and they rush off to this neighboring village.

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