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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta Written Update - Rasika playing games using Vandu as a shield, and Varsha in trouble

How many coincidences can there be ? It would seem that there are no other families in the whole of Maharashtra society except these 4 families, the family of Manav, the family of Archana and Varsha, the family of Sathish, and the family of Ajit (and Rasika). They are all getting heavily inter-related; with the marriage between Vandu and Ajit putting Ajit and Rasika in a much stronger position. And the marriage of Varsha with Sathish caused issues, since it turns out that Varsha's former boss (and the person with whom she had an affair) Ashwin is also Sathish's brother-in-law and his wife Urmila (Ashwin's wife and Sathish's wife) is a very nice lady, somebody to whom Sathish is very attached.
Now, when Varsha's family and Manav find out that about Ashwin, they are very worried about whether the truth will be revealed, especially about whether Ashwin will do something to spoil the marriage (or the duo of Ajit and his mother Rasika). However the marriage happens peacefully, but Varsha is always worried, especially now that Ashwin is in the same house, and he does refer to this many times when he finds Varsha all alone or when he sometimes gives a call. And all this while neither Sathish or Urmila know about this, and nobody is telling Sathish about this affair of Varsha (which will prove to be a mistake).
Now, Rasika is applying the pressure on Vandu by insisting that her mother, Savita tai go to Sathish's house and tell the truth about Varsha's past affair with Ashwin, but Savita is in no mood to do something like this since she no longer feels that bitter towards Archana's family; and in fact exposure to Archana has changed her opinion of Archana (she no longer feels that the separation of Archana and Manav is a good thing).

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