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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Na Aana Is Des Ladoo - Ammaji growing furious over Amba, but does not know that this is her daughter

Finally the serial makers are showing somebody who can stand up to Ammaji, although there is a sneaking feeling that maybe this challenge will also fizzle out (after all, Sia continues to be a failure in terms of challenging Ammaji, the DM was also a failure, and so far nobody has managed to challenge Ammaji in terms of Amba). The reason she is able to challenge like this is because she has Raghav in her capture and Ammaji would not like to do anything that could cause harm to Raghav. At the same time, Amba is systematically humiliating Ammaji and her sons, something that caused great anger to Ammaji (to the extent that if Raghav was found, Ammaji would kill Amba very easily).
Ammaji is careful that she is not able to try to cause harm to Amba directly without making an attempt to get Raghav out from her clutches, as when Rangeeli wants to kill Amba because of all the insults that have been heaped on her, Ammaji stops her.
The reason behind this anger that Amba feels for Ammaji is that she is actually Ammaji's daughter, one that Ammaji gave away when she was born, because she was a daughter. Amba found out later about this from the Tai who was taking care of her, and was then given away to a family who was part of a group of dacoits, and that is how she is now a dacoit leader and also very angry against Ammaji. Amba wants to change the entire structure of Ammaji's house, remove the huge control that Ammaji has on the house, remove the discrimination against women in the house and is willing to use whatever force is necessary to achieve this.

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